What is awareness?

What is awareness? Awareness is nothing but accepting the reality. Apply our understanding for the greater good, if you are with the mindset of understanding the nature you will be in a better position to serve the society. Science is an example of one such awareness, spirituality is another example of awareness also there are only a million kinds of awareness and it is everyone's responsibility to become more and more aware of things around us, understand and apply them for a greater good.

Have you ever noticed why Shiva is worshiped as lingam form contrasting to other gods, why such a strange structure? Because that particular structure elevates feeling better than any other structure also it is impossible to understand the reason for such a structure elevating our feeling although it is widely adopted and worshiped that contributes to elevating the feeling of the people.


As we become more and more aware of things with an awareness mindset, it is reasonable for one to be complacent that anything can be understood through a well defined approach, anything can be applied consciously for the betterment of the world, anything will have well-connected meaning that humans can understand, so it is also human nature to gain more and more knowledge/awareness, create power and dominate or abuse others as long as they stay more powerful than others resulting in abuse of power using knowledge.


But unfortunately lingam still remains a mystery!


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