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Shaivam - A way of life.

Ganapathy - Vision and Initiative Vision is something that is not present today but picturize it so that you will achieve that picture one day. For example, Right now there is a lot of poverty in the country, you will have a vision that one day there is no poverty that everyone get sufficient food, water and shelter. Vision is a picture that is not real during the present time but will be in the mind for the future and you take initiative towards that. Ganapathy is a representation of Vision and Initiative, therefore we have a human body with elephant head to symbolize something that is not real for now but you still get picture of it. Ganapathy is also the symbol of initiative and as you take initiative you will be removed from all obstacles automatically. Lord Subramaniam - Local importance and destroying internal evil. Local importance is anything that gives importance to self and any associations with self. It could your locality, your family, or any associations. Lord Subramanian

lokame shiva mayam

  Do you know Nataraja idol in Chidambaram praharam has one significance? It was built by the pallava kingdom, and the significance is that it looks like a man for men, woman for women. Original name of Nataraja was called Viswesa - Vis (man) + Wes (Woman) + a (authority) = The authority of man and woman. The symbol has nothing got to do with dance, the symbol represents that  lokame shiva mayam .