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My life

I chose to learn english to better communicate and know world. I chose tamil to taste its literature and its culture. I chose AVM School to be part of the thespian community and learn histrionics. I chose Biology to enjoy the intricacies of human body. I chose REC Trichy to know, to feel, to understand cultures spread across India. I chose computer science to understand and hone my analytical skill. I chose STMicroelectronics not just for a job, but also for the blue color(my favorite) it was donning all the way. I chose to go to France to understand the french mentality and see their majestic passion for arts. I chose to live. I wish I had my 24 years of life like this but I was chosen to learn english the de facto language. I was chosen to learn tamil to get incentives in my place. I was chosen for AVM school for a better score in 12th. I was chosen for Biology, there was no option. I was chosen to the REC Trichy, still wondering how? I was chosen to computer science; you know everyo

Here comes the new year

here comes the new year he dances in the discotheque she holds his hands he presents her a bouquet she kisses him in response both laugh both cry both play a fiddle with each other and started dancing again here comes the new year here comes the new year sitting on the mattress bottle in one hand and a cigarette in the other, somber and contemplative, not knowing the pomp and the glitter outside appreciating the earth's rotation thinking why the word abbreviation is so long reluctant to free his hands to take up the TV remote sitting idle totally puzzled here comes the new year here comes the new year he brings her the past she rejoices it he sets her with emotions she binds by it he calls her fool she loves it they take a deep breathe and say life is not changing here comes the new year here comes the new year switched on TV not knowing that night not meant for him full of love songs and parties left the bottle that quench no thirst there was this movie channel chose to forget tim