My life

I chose to learn english to better communicate and know world. I chose tamil to taste its literature and its culture. I chose AVM School to be part of the thespian community and learn histrionics. I chose Biology to enjoy the intricacies of human body. I chose REC Trichy to know, to feel, to understand cultures spread across India. I chose computer science to understand and hone my analytical skill. I chose STMicroelectronics not just for a job, but also for the blue color(my favorite) it was donning all the way. I chose to go to France to understand the french mentality and see their majestic passion for arts. I chose to live. I wish I had my 24 years of life like this but I was chosen to learn english the de facto language. I was chosen to learn tamil to get incentives in my place. I was chosen for AVM school for a better score in 12th. I was chosen for Biology, there was no option. I was chosen to the REC Trichy, still wondering how? I was chosen to computer science; you know everyo

Here comes the new year

here comes the new year he dances in the discotheque she holds his hands he presents her a bouquet she kisses him in response both laugh both cry both play a fiddle with each other and started dancing again here comes the new year here comes the new year sitting on the mattress bottle in one hand and a cigarette in the other, somber and contemplative, not knowing the pomp and the glitter outside appreciating the earth's rotation thinking why the word abbreviation is so long reluctant to free his hands to take up the TV remote sitting idle totally puzzled here comes the new year here comes the new year he brings her the past she rejoices it he sets her with emotions she binds by it he calls her fool she loves it they take a deep breathe and say life is not changing here comes the new year here comes the new year switched on TV not knowing that night not meant for him full of love songs and parties left the bottle that quench no thirst there was this movie channel chose to forget tim

Shaivam - A way of life.

Ganapathy - Vision and Initiative Vision is something that is not present today but picturize it so that you will achieve that picture one day. For example, Right now there is a lot of poverty in the country, you will have a vision that one day there is no poverty that everyone get sufficient food, water and shelter. Vision is a picture that is not real during the present time but will be in the mind for the future and you take initiative towards that. Ganapathy is a representation of Vision and Initiative, therefore we have a human body with elephant head to symbolize something that is not real for now but you still get picture of it. Ganapathy is also the symbol of initiative and as you take initiative you will be removed from all obstacles automatically. Lord Subramaniam - Local importance and destroying internal evil. Local importance is anything that gives importance to self and any associations with self. It could your locality, your family, or any associations. Lord Subramanian

lokame shiva mayam

  Do you know Nataraja idol in Chidambaram praharam has one significance? It was built by the pallava kingdom, and the significance is that it looks like a man for men, woman for women. Original name of Nataraja was called Viswesa - Vis (man) + Wes (Woman) + a (authority) = The authority of man and woman. The symbol has nothing got to do with dance, the symbol represents that  lokame shiva mayam .



Organization Culture

It is important for an organization to be high performing on a long run and there are many reasons for organizations to have difficulty in dealing with employees, their relationships, their preferences and also help them to be highly productive. How to make them more engaging and productive? Is it good salary? Is it career growth? Is it motivation or encouragement? (Well, that's impossible on person-to-person basis) So, what is missing? Even when we as a management address each of these, is there one pill that solves all the problems? Organization Culture The best way we can address employees' needs and help them to be highly productive is to align them with the Org Culture. To achieve that we need to DEFINE the culture. An "inclusive, productive and growth"' culture can look to answer the following points: Productivity: 1. Employees' objectives - Whether he/she is clear of his/her objectives inline with the organization's business goals. 2. Visibility on

Shaivam - A brief introduction

  What is Shaivam? Shaivam is a rationale of protecting the good by destroying the evil. Is there is anything called 'Protecting the good' when you can destroy the evil? Well no! There is nothing like 'Protecting the good' when you can destroy the evil and that is the only way you can achieve 'Protection' . The evil can be in any form be it people, individuals, intentions, perspectives, mindset, situations etc. Not only we destroy the existing evil, also we anticipate and remove them as well. Why the present world is in disarray? Because there are lot of people who believe in protection by allowing the evil to grow, encouraging them for the sake of protection of good. Can we be better off if the evil is never encouraged? Yes, humans still have lot of challenges in positive direction towards growth and that should be our only focus in life. Some people profess 'Protect the good' by creating evil and destroying them, thereby leading people to be focused on

Sindhu nadhiyin misai nilavinile...

It is very difficult to find a person to have a road map  of his own life, further it is very uncommon for one to have a purpose in life, on top of all these it is extraordinary for a person to have a vision for the society. Bharathi was a person who was considered eccentric during his time, everyone assumed him to be crazy, everyone tagged him to be outrageous, still he had only one thing in mind, his vision.  He was not only influencing people through his poems but also his works were elegant with unconventional language. He was reason behind the new age style in Tamil Language that used to be classical and required a niche eye to understand them. He was the first one to voice his concern for women, mainly because he had the flair for women which is very uncommon during his time.  He talked about the united and independent economy of India, he talked about women’s welfare, he talked about fairness and his writings clearly exhibit his passion to be fearless, his passion to be cari

A cultural problem

The idea of separate life/location for youngsters, especially after marriage, from parents is actually justified. Unlike old days, now youngsters are in a need to perform independently in order to be successful in their career. They need a freedom of mind, with due apologies presence of parents in the same house actually interferes with the freedom of mind for the young generation. This is mainly because of generation difference and youngsters are forced to be conscious about their parents. Parents are generally outdated with their expectations/behavior and our adjustments to them may not be relevant to our times. This is particularly true if one decides to spend his/her entire lifetime with parents. Although it is our responsibility to spend time with them but in reality spending time with them cannot be considered quality time with respect to the youngsters' prospects or growth in present times. Youngsters will always strive to stick to the culture as much as possible and be resp


For system to be successful, people should focus only on their own passion and satisfaction. Isn't it a selfish life without much thought and care about others? Well it's a paradox. If someone focus only on his self-satisfaction, humans by nature, will be helping others to satisfy oneself. Is it always the case? Yes it is always the case! A simple rule. Everyone should take care of oneself for his betterment alone. If everyone apply this rule society will be safe. Then why is that everyone is so selfish? because the present system is not suitable to satisfy oneself, everyone is struggling for their own survival, no one has time for his own desire/passion/satisfaction. Do you mean no one has no time to exercise his own desire? Yes. All the brouhaha about society happening all over the society is just an illusion and a false impression, it is a cry of everyone as an outcome of unfulfilled life. Also whoever is very selfish in life is not exactly selfish, it is the because of