The Case for Synthetic: Embracing Human Ingenuity for a Better World

  The Case for Synthetic: Embracing Human Ingenuity for a Better World In a world often romanticized by the allure of the "natural," I stand firmly on the side of the synthetic. This is not a rejection of nature, but rather a celebration of human ingenuity and its potential to elevate our existence beyond the limitations of the natural world. My conviction stems from a deep belief in the power of evidence-based progress. While nature offers a foundation, it's often riddled with imperfections and limitations. Synthetic creations, born from meticulous research, experimentation, and refinement, hold the key to surpassing these constraints. Consider the realm of medicine. Natural remedies, while sometimes effective, are often inconsistent in their potency and safety. Synthetic pharmaceuticals, meticulously formulated and rigorously tested, have revolutionized healthcare, providing targeted treatments for a myriad of ailments, extending lifespans, and improving quality of life

The Power of Enablement: Unlocking Productivity through Empowerment and Facilitation

  Power of enablement In the pursuit of peak performance, organizations often focus on setting ambitious goals and demanding results. While these are undoubtedly essential, they represent only one side of the productivity equation. The other, equally important, side is enablement – creating an environment where individuals have the tools, resources, knowledge, and support they need to excel. The foundation of enablement lies in understanding the power of "ease-of-doing." By simplifying processes, eliminating unnecessary barriers, and providing intuitive tools, we remove friction and empower individuals to focus on their core tasks. This not only accelerates their work but also enhances their job satisfaction and engagement. Equipping individuals with the necessary resources goes hand-in-hand with ease-of-doing. Access to relevant information, data, technology, and expertise is crucial for effective decision-making and problem-solving. When individuals have the right tools at

Story begins...

A schoolboy fell in love with girl, they were deeply in love and intimate, later she became pregnant. One fine day, she committed suicide for no reason. He was sure that there was something suspicious about it. She was definitely been controlled and manipulated to death. He had been restless all his life with only motive to avenge the ones who were responsible for her death. Later he developed a skill to read people's minds, focused on his mission, finally a skill to manipulate and control everyone, using which he destroyed her killers. It took him 25 years. He did not stop there, using his skill he start setting things right all over the world, having his own justifications on what is right and wrong, the journey continued and a new world order has begun.

Embracing the Outdoors: A Key to a Richer Life

  Vibrant outdoor life The great Indian outdoors may be an overlooked treasure for many. While the affluent often find themselves confined to the indoors, their less privileged counterparts frequently enjoy a vibrant outdoor life, thanks in part to the abundance of temples and religious places. Could this unexpected twist offer a surprising insight into a richer life? In a nation where wealth often equates to indoor living, it's easy to forget the myriad benefits of spending time in the open air. Research consistently shows that exposure to nature reduces stress, improves mood, and enhances cognitive function. Yet, the allure of air-conditioned comfort and the demands of modern life often keep the wealthy indoors. In contrast, the less privileged often have no choice but to embrace the outdoors, whether for work or leisure. Their lives may be marked by hardship, but they also experience the invigorating effects of sunshine, fresh air, and social interaction. This lifestyle, often b

The Road Less Travelled: A Delivery Worker's Journey

  The Hidden Hardships of Delivery Workers: A Call for Better Labor Conditions It's a scene we see all too often: delivery workers zipping through crowded city streets on motorbikes, packages in tow, battling the elements and the hazards of traffic.  While convenient for consumers, these jobs raise serious concerns about the health, safety, and overall quality of life for the individuals performing this vital service. Scorching Heat, Pouring Rain, and Polluted Air In cities like Chennai, where temperatures soar, workers spend their entire day exposed to extreme heat. This can lead to heat exhaustion, dehydration, and other health risks. Come the rainy season, these dangers don't disappear. Workers navigate slippery roads, often without proper rain gear, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries. All the while, they are constantly inhaling polluted air, which has long-term implications for respiratory health. The Unhealthy Reality This type of work disrupts all aspects of a

My life

I chose to learn english to better communicate and know world. I chose tamil to taste its literature and its culture. I chose AVM School to be part of the thespian community and learn histrionics. I chose Biology to enjoy the intricacies of human body. I chose REC Trichy to know, to feel, to understand cultures spread across India. I chose computer science to understand and hone my analytical skill. I chose STMicroelectronics not just for a job, but also for the blue color(my favorite) it was donning all the way. I chose to go to France to understand the french mentality and see their majestic passion for arts. I chose to live. I wish I had my 24 years of life like this but I was chosen to learn english the de facto language. I was chosen to learn tamil to get incentives in my place. I was chosen for AVM school for a better score in 12th. I was chosen for Biology, there was no option. I was chosen to the REC Trichy, still wondering how? I was chosen to computer science; you know everyo

Here comes the new year

here comes the new year he dances in the discotheque she holds his hands he presents her a bouquet she kisses him in response both laugh both cry both play a fiddle with each other and started dancing again here comes the new year here comes the new year sitting on the mattress bottle in one hand and a cigarette in the other, somber and contemplative, not knowing the pomp and the glitter outside appreciating the earth's rotation thinking why the word abbreviation is so long reluctant to free his hands to take up the TV remote sitting idle totally puzzled here comes the new year here comes the new year he brings her the past she rejoices it he sets her with emotions she binds by it he calls her fool she loves it they take a deep breathe and say life is not changing here comes the new year here comes the new year switched on TV not knowing that night not meant for him full of love songs and parties left the bottle that quench no thirst there was this movie channel chose to forget tim