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Organization Culture

It is important for an organization to be high performing on a long run and there are many reasons for organizations to have difficulty in dealing with employees, their relationships, their preferences and also help them to be highly productive. How to make them more engaging and productive? Is it good salary? Is it career growth? Is it motivation or encouragement? (Well, that's impossible on person-to-person basis) So, what is missing? Even when we as a management address each of these, is there one pill that solves all the problems? Organization Culture The best way we can address employees' needs and help them to be highly productive is to align them with the Org Culture. To achieve that we need to DEFINE the culture. An "inclusive, productive and growth"' culture can look to answer the following points: Productivity: 1. Employees' objectives - Whether he/she is clear of his/her objectives inline with the organization's business goals. 2. Visibility on