Organization Culture

It is important for an organization to be high performing on a long run and there are many reasons for organizations to have difficulty in dealing with employees, their relationships, their preferences and also help them to be highly productive.

How to make them more engaging and productive?

Is it good salary?
Is it career growth?
Is it motivation or encouragement? (Well, that's impossible on person-to-person basis)

So, what is missing? Even when we as a management address each of these, is there one pill that solves all the problems?

Organization Culture

The best way we can address employees' needs and help them to be highly productive is to align them with the Org Culture. To achieve that we need to DEFINE the culture. An "inclusive, productive and growth"' culture can look to answer the following points:

1. Employees' objectives - Whether he/she is clear of his/her objectives inline with the organization's business goals.
2. Visibility on the organization and group's objectives - Whether the employee has the right visibility of business goals and his/her role-based goals.
3. Continuous support - Whether the employee can get support in understanding the objectives and visibility, not just once, but continuous and on-demand (24/7).

1. Everyone should feel included that may not be restricted only to avenues for achievements, also avenues for engagement at any point of time, they should feel that they are playing a part in solving the bigger problem along with others.
2. People should be encouraged to ask question and others are obliged to give answer,  obliged to give a reason for any decision. Such an obligation is important for manager if he/she is aware that the subordinates are also part of one goal.

Personal goals:
The organization should be suitable for everyone to grow personally, i.e., help him address his personal career goals which may be beyond the confines of the organization. By providing learning opportunities, by organizing internal events and encouraging him/her attend conferences, meetups and other public events.

Role of the management:
1. Ensure everyone is aware and aligned with the culture by insisting that it is mandatory for everyone to be aligned with the culture. 
2. Ensure everyone is aware that growth prospects tightly coupled with the cultural alignment  and achievements in line with that will be considered as a required competency.
3. Ability to identify people conforming or not conforming to the Org Culture - It is based on the simple premise that everyone will act with culture in mind and not bothered by whims and fancies of any individual including CEO.

Impact on the employees:
It is possible for the employees to develop a keen eye on the culture, if one is with such a mindset, and it will give him/her the confidence to reject any "un-cultural" action by others, and freedom to not rely on anyone else. As a result of such a freedom, people will be motivated, engaging and contributing to a high-productive environment.


  1. Interesting topic. Organization Culture is definitely important cannot disagree on this.


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