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Sindhu nadhiyin misai nilavinile...

It is very difficult to find a person to have a road map  of his own life, further it is very uncommon for one to have a purpose in life, on top of all these it is extraordinary for a person to have a vision for the society. Bharathi was a person who was considered eccentric during his time, everyone assumed him to be crazy, everyone tagged him to be outrageous, still he had only one thing in mind, his vision.  He was not only influencing people through his poems but also his works were elegant with unconventional language. He was reason behind the new age style in Tamil Language that used to be classical and required a niche eye to understand them. He was the first one to voice his concern for women, mainly because he had the flair for women which is very uncommon during his time.  He talked about the united and independent economy of India, he talked about women’s welfare, he talked about fairness and his writings clearly exhibit his passion to be fearless, his passion to be cari

A cultural problem

The idea of separate life/location for youngsters, especially after marriage, from parents is actually justified. Unlike old days, now youngsters are in a need to perform independently in order to be successful in their career. They need a freedom of mind, with due apologies presence of parents in the same house actually interferes with the freedom of mind for the young generation. This is mainly because of generation difference and youngsters are forced to be conscious about their parents. Parents are generally outdated with their expectations/behavior and our adjustments to them may not be relevant to our times. This is particularly true if one decides to spend his/her entire lifetime with parents. Although it is our responsibility to spend time with them but in reality spending time with them cannot be considered quality time with respect to the youngsters' prospects or growth in present times. Youngsters will always strive to stick to the culture as much as possible and be resp


For system to be successful, people should focus only on their own passion and satisfaction. Isn't it a selfish life without much thought and care about others? Well it's a paradox. If someone focus only on his self-satisfaction, humans by nature, will be helping others to satisfy oneself. Is it always the case? Yes it is always the case! A simple rule. Everyone should take care of oneself for his betterment alone. If everyone apply this rule society will be safe. Then why is that everyone is so selfish? because the present system is not suitable to satisfy oneself, everyone is struggling for their own survival, no one has time for his own desire/passion/satisfaction. Do you mean no one has no time to exercise his own desire? Yes. All the brouhaha about society happening all over the society is just an illusion and a false impression, it is a cry of everyone as an outcome of unfulfilled life. Also whoever is very selfish in life is not exactly selfish, it is the because of

Importance of parenting

It is important to know about parenting, apply it consciously and nurture your kid who will be a leader in the future. Traditional upbringing is a dangerous proposition as the child maybe lost without much involvement in the present day race. Every parent will have expectation for his/her child to be a winner among his/her peers and leadership skill should be honed right from infancy to adulthood in order to be successful in this super fast changing world. Encourage the kids to make their own decisions, allow them to act themselves as much as possible. Minimize your interference on them. They may fail in their endeavors, maybe repeatedly, but when every time they fail motivate them to do better next time. Minimize advising rather encourage by showing them ways to improve or have a better life. Instead of saying "You should not do this" we can say "You can do that which is better". Many a times he/she may end up taking wro

Chase of the moment.

With her legs tied, she tried to get near the water jar, lifted it slowly so that no one could hear her and as she was drinking there was a sudden thudding sound of the doors opening. A fully armoured man with a large sword over his hips approached her, struggling to get past her fierce look, he untied her legs, dragged her to main hall. "Did she say anything?" asked the rebel chieftain. "No! not a word" replied the armoured man. Angrily the chieftain approached her face "You will pay for your insolence, you dirty little pigs! You all will die in my hands, I will crush them to a piece of dust", she waited silently to have him finish his words, then quickly kicked him on his groins and as crouched back in pain, she shouted "Only in your dreams, you little bunch of cowards!". "Hang her tomorrow, I need to see that for myself" chieftain shouted still holding his hands on himself with pain. That night was silent, with distant howls she coul

What is awareness?

What is awareness? Awareness is nothing but accepting the reality. Apply our understanding for the greater good, if you are with the mindset of understanding the nature you will be in a better position to serve the society. Science is an example of one such awareness, spirituality is another example of awareness also there are only a million kinds of awareness and it is everyone's responsibility to become more and more aware of things around us, understand and apply them for a greater good. Have you ever noticed why Shiva is worshiped as lingam form contrasting to other gods, why such a strange structure? Because that particular structure elevates feeling better than any other structure also it is impossible to understand the reason for such a structure elevating our feeling although it is widely adopted and worshiped that contributes to elevating the feeling of the people.   As we become more and more aware of things with an awareness mindset, it is reasonable for one to be