Importance of parenting

It is important to know about parenting, apply it consciously and nurture your kid who will be a leader in the future. Traditional upbringing is a dangerous proposition as the child maybe lost without much involvement in the present day race. Every parent will have expectation for his/her child to be a winner among his/her peers and leadership skill should be honed right from infancy to adulthood in order to be successful in this super fast changing world.

  • Encourage the kids to make their own decisions, allow them to act themselves as much as possible.
  • Minimize your interference on them.
  • They may fail in their endeavors, maybe repeatedly, but when every time they fail motivate them to do better next time.
  • Minimize advising rather encourage by showing them ways to improve or have a better life. Instead of saying "You should not do this" we can say "You can do that which is better".
  • Many a times he/she may end up taking wrong decisions, it is better to allow them to take it and learn themselves than stopping them from taking any decision, or give them a good reasoning why you do not prefer his decision. Let it be always a suggestion than instruction.
  • It is important that he/she have their own interests and it is our responsibility to not interfere on them.

In this way the child will stop relying on anyone in their life, be independent, have better consciousness and be with better wisdom. Making your child rely on someone is a horrible practice that you should avoid right now, this is important in this present world with everything based on values there is nothing for which anyone should rely on anyone else.


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