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The Road Less Travelled: A Delivery Worker's Journey

  The Hidden Hardships of Delivery Workers: A Call for Better Labor Conditions It's a scene we see all too often: delivery workers zipping through crowded city streets on motorbikes, packages in tow, battling the elements and the hazards of traffic.  While convenient for consumers, these jobs raise serious concerns about the health, safety, and overall quality of life for the individuals performing this vital service. Scorching Heat, Pouring Rain, and Polluted Air In cities like Chennai, where temperatures soar, workers spend their entire day exposed to extreme heat. This can lead to heat exhaustion, dehydration, and other health risks. Come the rainy season, these dangers don't disappear. Workers navigate slippery roads, often without proper rain gear, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries. All the while, they are constantly inhaling polluted air, which has long-term implications for respiratory health. The Unhealthy Reality This type of work disrupts all aspects of a