For system to be successful, people should focus only on their own passion and satisfaction. Isn't it a selfish life without much thought and care about others? Well it's a paradox. If someone focus only on his self-satisfaction, humans by nature, will be helping others to satisfy oneself. Is it always the case? Yes it is always the case!

A simple rule. Everyone should take care of oneself for his betterment alone. If everyone apply this rule society will be safe.

Then why is that everyone is so selfish? because the present system is not suitable to satisfy oneself, everyone is struggling for their own survival, no one has time for his own desire/passion/satisfaction. Do you mean no one has no time to exercise his own desire? Yes. All the brouhaha about society happening all over the society is just an illusion and a false impression, it is a cry of everyone as an outcome of unfulfilled life. Also whoever is very selfish in life is not exactly selfish, it is the because of some inadequacy in his life.

We are living in a world of illusion.

During those times, people dedicate their life for the sake of society, selflessly engaging for others' welfare, but right now there is a cultural shift. The best way you can contribute to the society is by taking care of yourself, you should be focused on enjoying your own passion/desire, only then you will be better able to help others. This cultural shift is inevitable.

Is it not possible for someone to be desirous all his life, hoarding all money and focused on himself alone? Well that's impossible!


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