Sindhu nadhiyin misai nilavinile...

It is very difficult to find a person to have a road map of his own life, further it is very uncommon for one to have a purpose in life, on top of all these it is extraordinary for a person to have a vision for the society.

Bharathi was a person who was considered eccentric during his time, everyone assumed him to be crazy, everyone tagged him to be outrageous, still he had only one thing in mind, his vision. 

He was not only influencing people through his poems but also his works were elegant with unconventional language. He was reason behind the new age style in Tamil Language that used to be classical and required a niche eye to understand them. He was the first one to voice his concern for women, mainly because he had the flair for women which is very uncommon during his time. 
He talked about the united and independent economy of India, he talked about women’s welfare, he talked about fairness and his writings clearly exhibit his passion to be fearless, his passion to be caring, his passion to be stylish, his passion to be unconventional, his admiration of nature, his passion to lead a cheerful life and those things clearly infer him to be a visionary.


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