My life

I chose to learn english to better communicate and know world.

I chose tamil to taste its literature and its culture.
I chose AVM School to be part of the thespian community and learn histrionics.
I chose Biology to enjoy the intricacies of human body.
I chose REC Trichy to know, to feel, to understand cultures spread across India.
I chose computer science to understand and hone my analytical skill.
I chose STMicroelectronics not just for a job, but also for the blue color(my favorite) it was donning all the way.
I chose to go to France to understand the french mentality and see their majestic passion for arts.
I chose to live.

I wish I had my 24 years of life like this but

I was chosen to learn english the de facto language.
I was chosen to learn tamil to get incentives in my place.
I was chosen for AVM school for a better score in 12th.
I was chosen for Biology, there was no option.
I was chosen to the REC Trichy, still wondering how?
I was chosen to computer science; you know everyone does it for the money.
I was chosen to STMicroelectronics, no one knows why?
I was chosen to go to france for 3 months, so that I would be in the company for next 30 years.
I was chosen to live, and I am trying hard not to die.

Thank you, God.


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