Shaivam - A brief introduction


What is Shaivam? Shaivam is a rationale of protecting the good by destroying the evil. Is there is anything called 'Protecting the good' when you can destroy the evil? Well no! There is nothing like 'Protecting the good' when you can destroy the evil and that is the only way you can achieve 'Protection'. The evil can be in any form be it people, individuals, intentions, perspectives, mindset, situations etc. Not only we destroy the existing evil, also we anticipate and remove them as well. Why the present world is in disarray? Because there are lot of people who believe in protection by allowing the evil to grow, encouraging them for the sake of protection of good. Can we be better off if the evil is never encouraged? Yes, humans still have lot of challenges in positive direction towards growth and that should be our only focus in life.

Some people profess 'Protect the good' by creating evil and destroying them, thereby leading people to be focused on evil things which is a waste of time and effort. Future is only on the positive direction and we will have more challenges towards the positive direction more than the challenge of destroying the evil.

Does that 'Protection of good' is nothing but encouraging growth of people? No! Humans by nature are growth focused and the only way we can maintain the nature is by destroying the evil. 

Shaivam is all about protecting the nature as it is from the evil hence people might say nature was also god's creation so it is god's responsibility to help it progress through his interference. Shiva's perspective on nature while creating it was nature can sustain and progress itself and it is his responsibility to help his creations to destroy evil themselves. Well, then what is the reason for evil when everything is created by Shiva? Evil is an obvious consequence of giving freedom to individual elements of nature. Evil is nothing but strong rationale of evil which influences against nature which can be because of diversity like differing feeling, locations, preferences etc., having a strong inclination towards a particular preference like legacy, location etc. So when will the evil be destroyed? When you give up your preferences and accept the reality. Change happens with changing times and accepting is one of the awareness. 

There is nothing called Dharma (Dharma - Motive of good), there is no good or bad, there is only nature and that goes against nature. Therefore it is our responsibility to avoid those that goes against nature.

God will not protect the humans, humans will protect themselves and god will help them.


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